Aim and Scope
This group is oriented to explore the problems sourced from complexity of geosciences by using various computational approaches. Considering the nature of the problem, the research group is composed of researchers from different and complementary disciplines. The main contributing research areas are geoscience, computer science and mathematics.

Research Highlights
  • Classical Statistics Relevant to Geosciences
  • Data Analysis Applied to Geosciences
  • Deformation Modeling, Geodynamics and Natural Hazards
  • Fractal and Complexity in Geosciences
  • Geographic Information Systems in Earth Sciences
  • Geological Remote Sensing
  • Geoscientific Data Models
  • Knowledge Discovery in Geosciences
  • Machine Learning and Geosciences
  • Quantitative Methods in Geomorphology
  • Small Size Data Problems in Geosciences
  • Spatiotemporal Analysis
  • Syntactic Data Production for Geoscientific Problems
Hacettepe University - Computational Geoscience Research Group
06800 Beytepe Ankara